Just bought a new smartphone, and wondering what to do next? Here are 8 things to do after buying a new phone.

Buying something is the easiest part of owning an asset, what’s really important is how you manage it. This will determine how long this asset is going to last, and how it will perform during that time.

In this article, we will tell you how to set your phone up for first use (transferring data, media), how and what you can do to keep it safe, and we’ll also tell you a few must download apps.

And lastly, we’ll share some beautiful phone case ideas that you might want to try.

Let’s begin.

1. Transfer data from your previous phone

Unless you’ve never owned a phone before, you are bound to have a previous phone with data that you don’t want to lose.

The first step after getting a new phone HAS to be this.

Pick up your old phone, and get ready for transferring data. When you are setting up your new phone, you’ll automatically get an option for migrating data from your previous phone.

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It will look like this:

You just have to choose one of the three options, and follow through the steps. That’s it.

2. Enhance your phone’s security

Once you sign in with your Google account, your new device will automatically download all of the apps that you were using earlier.

If you were using an antivirus earlier, then your antivirus will get downloaded as well. But if you weren’t, it’s time you level up your security now.

There are a lot of antiviruses on the Play Store that you can use, but our suggestion would be Bitdefender. It’s perfect.

You should also obviously set up a screen lock, unless you want other people to be looking at your data. A fingerprint lock is advisable, but most screen locks offer similar security.

3. Set up your data limit

Unless you have unlimited data, this is a very critical step. Almost all Android devices come with a built-in data usage menu.

You can look at your daily, weekly, or monthly data usage and realize how much money you’ve been wasting every day.

I’m kidding.

Regardless, it’s important to setup your monthly data limit if your data plan is limited.

On an Android device, you can do this by doing to Settings > Network & Internet > Data Usage. The exact steps may differ depending on what smartphone you’re using.

4. Get a screen protector

Your display is one of the most important parts of your device, and it’s also one of the most fragile parts. It’s important and should be protected.

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Replacing a display can cost as much as 30-40% of what you actually bought the device for. It’s a costly ordeal.

You can either order a tempered glass online, or get it at a store. If you choose to buy it online, make sure you apply it properly and avoid getting any bubbles formed.

You can follow tutorials on YouTube for applying a screen guard.

5. Get a case for your device

Got a tempered glass, but wondering how to protect the back and sides of your device? Well, here are some cute smartphone case ideas for exactly that.

Not only do they protect your phone, they also make it look more beautiful.

We cannot tell you what case to buy without actually knowing your device, but we can give you some ideas:

Think about your favourite Marvel character, your favourite artist or your favourite Anime character. Or maybe just think about your favourite animal, and I’m sure you can easily find a cute phone case related to these on Amazon.

6. Think about getting a phone insurance

Now all of us don’t need an insurance for our smartphones, but depending on how costly your phone is, you might.

Well, it also depends on how much you care about your phone.

There are a lot of insurance options available. If you have gotten your phone online, both Flipkart and Amazon have insurance options that you can avail of. If you’ve gotten it offline, the shop would probably give you an idea of where to get your insurance from.

7. Set up Wi-Fi calling

While the development of Technology has definitely slowed down in the midst of this pandemic, some things still made it to the surface – such as Wi-Fi calling.

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It’s a new way to make calls, much similar to VoLTE. VoLTE calls are made using your career’s network; however, Wi-Fi calls are simply made using your Wi-Fi network.

They provide enhanced quality, but it is mandatory to have a Wi-Fi connection to make a Wi-Fi call. You can turn this feature on in your device’s settings.

8. Enjoy

And that’s it! Now that you’ve followed through our list of things to do after buying a new phone, the only thing that is left is to enjoy your new smartphone.

f you opt to purchase the tempered glass online, some websites even offer convenient payment methods such as paying via QR code, simplifying the transaction process for a hassle-free experience.