Alternatives Alternatives: is an online multiplayer game that is massively played around the globe. It was originally developed by the Brazilian Developer Matheus Valadares. The game is easy because the user only has to control your blob and keep on eating others and grow bigger. Watch out for bigger ones as you may die trying to eat them. It is available in iOS, Android, Browser, Windows, and macOS.

You can try one of these alternatives for which is recommended to try in 2023.

10 Best Alternatives | Games Like (2023)

1. is a popular multiplayer online game which is available in most of the platforms. As the name suggests this game is about the worms where the player has to grow by eating other players which is similar to but players can play this game with customization of their worms by choosing the colors of their worms. This game came in popular due to its promotion through YouTube by YouTubers like Pewdipie and it has been at the top of the chart for most years. It is simple and elegant which makes it a better choice to be played. It’s so addictive and worth playing.

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2. is a similar game to but it has improved gameplay and lots of custom skins. It also has a smooth gameplay feature. It also supports teaming and lets the user track its team in a minimap. You can eat smaller than your size and increase your size like other games. It also lets you divide yourself for better control as well as ejecting you’re some mass by pressing W. This game is recommended if you have played

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3. is an interesting and unique game to play which is the best alternative to Unlike other games, this game is played in 3D instead of 2D. It has smooth gameplay and a unique mechanism where you have to eat orbs and survive and avoid the danger and lets the mass decrease if you come near to other larger cells. It’s interesting and gives the player a new experience to play the game on a 3D plane. You can say it the next level of

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4. is another survival online game which is the same as with some added features. In this game, you can jump and fly and attack other enemies. As the title, you have to eat pies on your way and keep on eating it until you can fight off other enemies. This is challenging and not as simple as which makes it more addicting. So, prepare yourself if you are ready to play some challenging game as it has also drones flying throughout the game that throws cherry bombs.

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LordZ2 is a completely different game but it has taken the concept of This game is set into the medieval period where there are lords, kings and other things. It’s a thrilling and exciting game that has challenging levels and all you have to do is expand your army and conquer other new places. It has a whole new environment and even the graphics of the gameplay are high. Play the game if you want to be the great king of your kingdom.

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This game is the hybrid of Slither and It has similar gameplay but unlike other game has expansion and survival mode, it has only the survival mode so you have to make sure that you don’t strike or hit the other opponent. It’s a focusing game indeed a very addictive game and it has a lot of helpful guides if you are stuck in a loop or if you are on the verge of dying. If you are a fan of Slither and Agar you will love this game, too.

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Spinz is another game with a whole new content. But still, It’s a combo of Slither, Agar and fidgets spinner. Funny, right? In this game, the player has to collect the dots on your way so that it will make your fidget spinner to rotate quickly. Other opponents are also in the form of fidget spinner so you can steal their mass if you have a bigger spinner. Go ahead and play the game. It’s so addicting.

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This is an eat and grow game where you have to eat the cells and increase your size and survive. This is not the biological game but you will feel like you are watching over the cells from a microscope and watch how it works. But, you need to watch out as bigger cells may attack and the game is over. There’s a meter in the right corner which shows your stats and given a goal which you need to achieve.

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9. Cosmic Crush

Cosmic Crush

Cosmic crush is an online browsing game that is similar to like online which is supported in the mobile version also. Despite having the same feature as other games but it has different engagements throughout the games which will make you satisfied along the way.

This online game deals with the planets, asteroids. So, you just have to move around and drag other objects into your are so that they revolve around your orbit. So, it’s a game about starting from a small rock, getting bigger and attacking bigger ones.

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10. Dogar


Last but not the least, we have Dogar as one of the alternatives for This is a game where you control your blob with many customizations that are satisfactory and addicting as well. You have to get bigger and eat other blobs and increase your points. It also supports upgrades and smooth gameplay. This game is a mixture of strategic and cool action. It has also a better visual display. That’s why it deserves it to be inside top 10 alternative for

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So these are the best games like agario, you can try the above list of the top 10 best alternatives and enjoy this new genre.