When working and collaborating with teams on projects and tasks, it’s a good idea to send a Word file. But if you receive a PDF file and there’s a tight deadline, you may need to convert it back to a Word file. 

Unfortunately, there is no native way to convert a PDF file to a Word file on Windows or Mac. Unlike stationary units in the office, home computers or company laptops may often lack appropriate tools, for example to change the format of individual documents (including from PDF to Word). So how can we do this and what tools can we use to help ourselves?

Adobe Acrobat – it doesn’t get any better 

One of the most popular programs for managing PDF files is Adobe Acrobat Reader . Most importantly, its basic version – offering functions such as viewing, printing, sharing and commenting, but without the ability to edit and collect signatures, among others – is completely free.

SwifDoo PDF

SwifDoo PDF is a leading PDF conversion tool that will turn PDF files into fully editable Windows documents. Regardless of whether the target format is Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML or simply text, SwifDoo gives you a simple and quick way to extract content from PDF files.

With SwifDoo PDF converter tools, you can easily convert all your PDF files to Word documents while keeping the layouts and fonts of the original file intact.

One of the best features of SwifDoo’s Converter is the fact that it allows you to extract specific paragraphs of text from a PDF file and go to the Word file. This feature helps streamline the process of selecting information without having to convert the entire file and then extract it to another new document.

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SwifDoo PDF Online – fast and safe conversion without downloads 

While in the case of Adobe Acrobat a bit of explanation was needed, in the case of its online counterpart – SwifDoo PDF Online Converter – no one will need instructions. All you have to do to convert is go to this website, upload the selected document and it’s done! This online tool is available on Windows, Mac, ChromeOS and Linux.

The SwifDoo PDF online converter can also convert PDF files to other popular formats such as – PDF to DWG, Excel, PowerPoint and also convert these files to PDF format.

Microsoft Word

If you have a Microsoft 365 subscription, you can use the Word app to convert your PDF to many formats. Indeed, a Microsoft 365 subscription is necessary to import and make changes to the PDF file.

Smallpdf PDF to Word Converter

Smallpdf is one of the best PDF editors for Windows and Mac. It offers rich PDF editing options, the ability to sign a file, highlight text and more. And its PDF to Word Converter tool is easy to use and feature-rich, with just the right amount of options in the right place.

Soda PDF

Soda PDF is another efficient online PDF converter. Now it looks and feels modern. All relevant options are divided into eight categories on the home page. The converting menu is simple and contains the most basic options such as PDF to Word, PDF to HTML and PDF to TIFF, etc.

Final words

The use case varies from person to person. Some may convert PDF to Word document regularly, and some may use this trick several times a year.

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You can convert a PDF file to a Word document using only Microsoft Word. Converting in Word often leads to styling and formatting issues, so it’s not always the most reliable method. It certainly works well enough with a dedicated PDF converter such as SwifDoo PDF or when you just need to get things into an editable format.