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Fix Error: With the advancement in technology in almost every sector, things are becoming much easier and faster than we thought. Rapidly evolving tech around the world is taking off human intervention in most of the activities, and this can be a competitive advantage to make gains. While the hardware advancement is happening just by adding up more things, the real innovation is flowing through software that tweaks hardware to do unimaginable works from their limited capacities.

How to Fix Error on Kodi

Today we’re going to say about one of such exceptional software which made streaming media interactive and easier.


Kodi is an open-source media streaming platform/software which is more effective and better than current media players. With the support of hundreds of add-ons, steaming with Kodi can be very much interactive and easy. But, sometimes you’d be barred from accessing the content via Kodi. And the most common blockade is pairing error. It’s a pairing error caused because of location blockage or some default settings, which can be easily solved. If you’re facing the same problem, here’s a solution:

Method 1:

  • You need to connect your device to any VPN. Checking several locations is good as we don’t know where this software is blocked or you can have a good streaming speed. Choose any location by VPN and connect.
  • Now login to your device’s browser and search/type as This would take you to their authorization page for activation.
  • Upon reaching there, you just need to click on “Active Streaming” option to access. As your device is already connected, you’d see the media showing up or playing in Kodi.

(You’d be allowed to stream for a maximum of four hours by this authorization. After that, you just need to repeat the step and continue.)

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This is a simple way to go through. But if you didn’t get a VPN to solve, you may choose another way to resolve this. Some clicks in your settings can settle this easily. Follow the 2nd method:

Method 2:

  • Open your Kodi (if you’re using on TV or whatever) and click on “System Settings“.
  • Change the system settings to “Expert Mode” and enter.
  • Now find and click on “Manage Dependencies” option, which enables you to configure settings that are causing the error.
  • Upon clicking it, you will be shown a bunch of options, where you need to select “URL Resolver” and open its options.
  • Choose to “Configure” the URL Resolver and find “ host” to disable it.

Disabling it will now let you access the page without any authorization request. The same happens in the case of Openload, Streamango, or any other video service on Kodi. Just try finding the host in system settings and disable it.


Conducting this process shall need all devices associated to be connected to the same WiFi and the connection speed should be strong enough. Make sure your interest isn’t disconnecting and a good VPN is used. Any failure in this resolving process shall make you start from the beginning onwards.)

btw, Wondering what’s vShare?

vShare is just another Appstore for iOS users, potentially saving them from being in the restricted world. As we know, to keep themselves strong and malware-free, Apple keeps its Appstore limited and secure. Thus, not allowing their users to access much of the free and amazing apps that Android users have. vShare lets them have this fun by being a third-party app store for iOS users and getting their desired apps that aren’t available in their company’s proprietary Appstore.

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You might think, about how Apple would allow such third-party AppStore to be within their ecosystem. Well, unless it’s malware, no company would stop anyone from providing their services. Many think that vShare could be a virus, but it isn’t. As you can download the vShare AppStore even without jailbreaking your iOS device. Previously, vShare is allowed to be installed in an iOS-only if it’s jailbroken. But now, it’s available for free and downloadable from Safari.

Just visit and pick your version (jailbroken or stable) of the app and install it. If by stable, you can just download, install and run immediately. But if it’s jailbroken, you need to go via Cydia and add some URL sources to get it installed. In the case of Android, you’ll find its downloadable version on the same website too.

A place where you can find amazing apps (vShare) and cast them on a big screen (Kodi) can be an amazing experience. Try it.

Happy streaming.