How To Disable Asus Anti Surge

Users using PCs with Asus motherboard might face unexpected system reboots. “Power supply spikes detected at the last power on,” the message says after rebooting. To safeguard the system from such an unstable power source, ASUS Anti-surge was activated. The user will be able to load his system by pressing F2, however, the computer will restart after a time, and the previously described inscription will show on the display… I’ll explain what this issue is, what triggers it, as well as how to solve the “Power supply surges detected during the last power on” error on computer PC in this article.

Reasons For This Problem:

“A power spike was noticed during in the prior work,” the warning says when translated into English. “ASUS Anti-surge has indeed been enabled to safeguard your computer from power supply fluctuations.”

Let us tell the viewer that the “ASUS Anti-surge” tool is a proprietary ASUS creation that protects the computer from power surges. This program is managed by the BIOS, which allows it to be switched on and off quickly.

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What may cause the aforementioned power surge? I’d like to point out the following:

  • Unstable (low-power, resource-depleted) computer power supply;
  • Surges in system voltage (such as those caused by electrical devices attached to the system);
  • Power limiter with inconsistency;
  • The connection between the power source and the motherboard is too loose.

How To Fix Error Power Supply Surges Detected During The Previous Power On:

So, if you do have an Asus anti-surge reboot, I suggest that you also check to see whether the problem persists. If the system keeps shutting down unexpectedly, and you notice notifications on the display concerning the action “ASUS Anti-surge” with the inscriptions American Megatrends, then I propose performing the following:

  • Check the connections between the power source and the computer motherboard for tightness.
  • Run game applications on lower settings; choosing the highest can cause the AAS to activate and the machine to shut down.
  • Replace the power source… A higher powerful PSU from a reputed brand is recommended. The PSU is usually to blame for the emergence of ASUS Anti-surge malfunction, which results in fluctuating voltage;

If you’re conscious of all the hazards and want to deactivate the ASUS anti-surge protection feature, go to “BIOS” – “Custom Mode” – “Monitoring” – “Anti Surge Support,” and change the value to “Disabled“…

What Will Happen If Anti-surge Is Disabled:

Your system can constantly operate if you force the Asus motherboard to deactivate the power surge. Furthermore, it may allow the PC to execute any system immediately. However, if the PC’s power supply fails, it may begin to reboot. You will never come upon it at random.

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As a result, it will be destructive to you. Not only that, but your system will shut down at odd periods, with one of the most hazardous being a crash that occurs without warning.

If you want some advice from us after this, we will tell you to just not disable anti-surge. Enable anti-surge and address any problems that arise to receive more seamless services from your computer.

Nevertheless, we really aren’t discussing danger or security; we are discussing comfortability. After deactivating the anti-surge, you will feel more at ease in various scenarios. On the other side, shutting off the service will cause you problems.

So consider your options carefully.


To resolve the issue “Power supply spikes observed during the last power on,” I propose first checking the condition of your PC’s power supply and, if required, replacing it with one that is more efficient (particularly if you use your computer for games). You can disable the AAS feature in BIOS as a palliative, however, remember that you do so at your personal risk, and it’s preferable to leave AAS operational than to suffer the system crash later.


Is surge safety really necessary?

A surge protector must be installed on your PC. A surge protector is a great option since a power surge has the potential to decrease the life of your Computer or smash all of the system and data of the pc.

Is Disabling Asus Anti Surge Secure?

To clear up any doubts, disabling the Asus anti-surge is perfectly safe. However, there is a catch. You’ll need anti-surge on your Computer if the anti-surge on your motherboards is broken. When your PC’s power consistency isn’t a concern, though, you may turn off the anti-surge at any moment. Nevertheless, if you wouldn’t want ASUS surge protection & deactivate your motherboard’s anti-surge, you must be aware of a few concerns.