How to Host on Twitch

How to Host on Twitch: Live streaming for influencers was so expensive until Twitch came for their rescue. Letting your fans stream any live video of yours is now free and simple than ever.

Though YouTube and Facebook are having such options, Twitch can give you the best experience of all as it’s made especially for that. Fast loading with simple settings has made Twitch a popular live streaming platform for gamers. There are tons of games being live-streamed in lakhs of views per day on Twitch. If you’re a gamer or any other influencer with some potential content, Twitch is the place you share with your fans. Being easy and quick, hosting your live content on the platform is simple. Whether it’s your Mac or Windows, iOS or Android, hosting on Twitch is simple and is as follows:

How to Host on Twitch using PC or Mobile

You can host on twitch from your desktop PC or you can use your smartphone also.

Let’s learn both ways:-

How to Host on Twitch (PC Version)

Hosting on Twitch is the same for both macOS and Windows OS. Follow the steps below to host your live session.

  • Direct yourself to from any of the browsers you have.
  • Login to your account. If not having one, Sign up. For signing up, you need to provide your mail ID, password, DOB and set a username. If not, you can simply connect with Facebook for registration.
  • After logging in, you can see your profile account icon on the top right corner, where you’ll see a drop-down menu containing all the options you want.
  • Select “Channel” and see your channel opening up with an empty chat box and loaded up player ready to stream. Now, all you need to do is type “/host channel_name” in the chat box and press enter. Make sure you replace the words ‘channel_name‘ with your desired channel name (More on this below).
  • This sets up the connections of that channel to stream on your channel. Done.

Hosting on Twitch App (Android/iOS)

  • Same as it is. You’ll be logging in first and search for your profile icon. You can find this on the top right corner (Android) or top left corner (iOS). Click it and you’ll see options of “Going Live”, Subscriptions, Followers Count, Views Recorded, etc.
  • So if you wanna stream someone else’s, same procedure as Web’s. You need to start a chat with “/host channel_name” and go on. If not, hosting self, click on the “Go Live” option and permit your microphone and camera to record your things.
  • This will enable you to capture/record anything from the camera you’re going/doing with and records audio too. And if you have a significant base of subscribers, they can view too.
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Crafted as best for gamers, other video producers too can stream live content in here. Furthermore, you can purchase “Bits” to spend and encourage your favorite affiliate.

Hoping that you’d now know how to host something on Twitch, there’s yet another option that is further considered.

Twitch Host Mode

This recent feature of the platform lets you host any other Twitch channel on your channel, for free. Any of your favorite Twitcher’s or media partners can now be hosted on yours and let your subscribers see your interest.

How to do?

To do so, you just need to type “/host” along with your desired Twitcher’s channel name in the chatbox. It’s that simple. And to stop the streaming, typing “/unhost” in the same chat box would end the session.

What the Big Deal?

Well, if you’re a new Twitcher and in pursuit of increasing your subscriber base, then you gotta do something exclusive or keep stuff that’s popular in your channel. Streaming other popular Twitcher’s content can gain you the fan base, at least in the initial stages, which could be prosperous later.

Besides, hosting some other’s channel can be banked too. If you’re a Twitcher with significant subscribers, you can have a deal with some other Twitchers and promote them/they channel for money on yours. And moreover, this feature of hosting some other’s channel doesn’t need much of your effort though. As the other channel would be running on yours, you can even go offline and let your community engage.