Infinity Ward is a company that was one of the first to develop and produce highly cinematic military shooters, and when PUBG in the battle royale genre debuted in the gaming industry, all major studios began to develop their own analogues.

This is how Call of Duty Warzone appeared, and then the second part.

The developers have thought through a lot of details and simplified the gameplay so that players spend more time in battles than in searching for weapons and moving around the territory.

The world is literally oversaturated with weapons and vehicles, and if you play in the company of friends in a squad of up to three players, then you can implement many tactical actions and provide yourself with Call of Duty boosting in order to increase your rating and face more interesting and well-played opponents.

To improve your level of play and achieve better results, you need to adhere to tactics and strategy and communicate well with your squad.

We have prepared a list of tips that will help you play better.


When you play with friends, you need to communicate closely and correctly and use good microphones. Chat messages are not suitable for you because they take longer to convey information.

Talk about the landing zones, the direction of the group’s movement, priority goals and objectives, analysis of the terrain from enemies, whether we are going after the airdrop, the movement of transport and its use, who will pick up and use what equipment, and so on.

All this helps you better assess the situation and respond to dangerous changes, which will help you increase your rank in CoD Warzone.

Landing point

You must immediately speak and decide where on the map you will land.

Moreover, the choice will depend solely on your ambitions.

If you want quick battles and training in shooting techniques, communication, and quick collection of equipment and weapons, then land in large areas like hangars, where there will always be a lot of enemies.

This tactic will not always work, and you will often die, but it will help you train your teamwork as a squad and better use all your skills and perks, which will give you results in the future, and you will increasingly come out of the battle as a winner.

You can choose the middle zones to collect your equipment, wait out the main phase when most of the players will kill each other, determine the direction of the narrowing of the playing area and go there, while simultaneously fighting with enemies.

You can choose small and remote areas to land accurately and safely, but keep in mind that if you are unlucky with drops and vehicles, you will find yourself in a very difficult situation and most likely die when moving towards the first narrowing circle of the game map.


After landing, immediately start collecting weapons, ammo, medicine and protective equipment, but do it in an organized manner, because there may be enemies around and someone needs to cover the group.

For example, the first player to find a rifle immediately goes to defend the perimeter until the allies collect everything they need and when the collection is completed, they themselves will bring him everything they need, or replace him in position.

If you are very greedy, you can easily get a bullet from another group and your boosting in Warzone will be interrupted before it even begins.

Look for different types of weapons to give you advantages at different distances and under different circumstances.

In ideal conditions, this is a sniper weapon, assault and supply.

Don’t forget about offensive and defensive grenades, such as smoke bombs and stun grenades.

Look for medicines and armor modules, because you will often have to recover from heavy battles and the presence of medicines will greatly help you immediately prepare for new battles, and not waste time searching for all the auxiliary equipment.


In order to profitably progress and survive as long as possible during the gameplay and boosting CoD Warzone, you need to ensure the safety of yourself and other group members.

You need to monitor the playing area and understand the direction of its narrowing so as not to be at a disadvantage.

Use buildings and cover to avoid unnecessary fights and not come under fire from enemy snipers.

Take up defensive positions at advantageous points in the safe zone and shoot enemies who are trying to improve their tactical position.


If you are playing CoD Warzone with three people, then don’t be afraid to use vehicles, but do it wisely.

You should not break into enemy positions using vehicles such as cars, because they are easily shot by enemies, and when using a helicopter, it is better to divide the group so that one player directs and determines targets for attack, otherwise the three of you can simply die just using the helicopter.

Share supplies

Each player has a weight limit and a weapon with which it is most convenient for them to work during gameplay, and in order to avoid overload, you need to distribute the weight and equipment so that you always have a large supply of ammunition, grenades and medicine and in order to be able to transfer the missing ones to your ally in battle items to continue the battle.

Encountering Enemies

When you get into a real battle, you need not only to join the battle, but also to take advantageous positions, use grenades and weapons, but most importantly, maintain the initiative in battle.

Use the tactics of mutual actions, when one shooter suppresses the enemy, the second throws grenades, and the third goes around them to cause damage to the side or back, and there can be quite a lot of such variations.

The reason is simple – Warzone is similar in tactical capabilities to PUBG, and if you don’t attack and don’t act creatively, then they will bypass you and throw grenades at you.

When you go around and throw grenades, you deprive the enemy of understanding what is happening and they at least cannot attack themselves until they suppress your fire and until you run out of ammo, so you need to act quickly and competently, and not just shoot everything cartridges and go on the defensive themselves.