Picking up your phone, dialing the restaurant’s number, asking for the menu, and then placing an order are the things of the past. Yeah, we used to place orders like that and it was a hassle.

Now, getting your favorite food while you enjoy your favorite movies is just a few taps away. Thanks to technological advancements and convenient connectivity through food delivery services and apps.

We gotta agree that the age we live in offers handiness in every aspect of life through the aid of the internet.

Having said that, the food delivery services market is huge and everyone wants to get their hands on their share. This leads to a large number of food delivery apps both great and terrible ones.

In this article, we are gonna eliminate another hassle for you which is trying out bad food delivery services only to have a bad experience. We have evaluated these apps based on multiple factors like customer service, pricing, the number of restaurants available, and the time it takes to deliver your food.

Also, to make your experience better while ordering food, use a sound internet connection like the one from Spectrum. It offers reliable home Wi-Fi with internet plans that fit any budget. Not to forget, it has a responsive customer service waiting to serve you the best.

Now, without further ado, let’s dive right into the best food delivery apps available in the US in 2024.

GrubHub – Overall Best

One of the pioneers of food delivery was founded in 2004 when eComm companies were in the phase of establishment. GrubHub is generally the best and a no-brainer choice for a food delivery app.

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The app claims to have a whopping 365k restaurants onboard to deliver food from multiple cuisines. 

The app is user-friendly and searching for specific restaurants or food is fairly easy with the help of a search bar. It has an easy learning curve that makes it convenient for the elders to order food. 

The best part? It has tons of deals available on your favorite food that can save you more of your hard-earned bucks.

GrubHub has a ‘past orders’ tab that can help you quickly reorder the food you loved in your recent food delivery.

However, the estimated delivery is more than the one offered by Uber Eats/Postmates but it is consistently within the said time. 

If you are going to use the app in the suburbs you might experience a rather more time-taking delivery and total delivery costs. 

Uber Eats – Quick Delivery and Diversified Choices

Created by the parent company Uber in 2014, Uber Eats, if not the best, is one of the best food delivery apps. The food delivery app isn’t just limited to food, it can deliver groceries and pharmacies as well.

The food delivery service offers up to 80 choices of cuisines to choose from that can vary depending upon your coordinates. The food options also include halal and gluten-free but are not limited to that.

The app offers a massively huge list of restaurants that is claimed to be 825k. Obviously, not all of them are gonna be available in your location. But it shows that wherever you go, you’ll likely find what you want (unless it’s a rainforest). 

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Uber Eats when thrown in comparison with other food delivery apps, came out at the top in the estimated time it took to deliver the food. Even though the charges were relatively higher but the delivery? That was quick.

If you can pay more and want to have a bundle of options to select from, Uber Eats is the best of the bunch.

Caviar – Best for Grande Cuisines

Owned by the famous goods and food delivery app DoorDash, Caviar is a food delivery app that offers Grande cuisine that is available in fine-dining restaurants. 

This is the reason the app doesn’t have fast food restaurants available but only limited but high choices in some cities. 

With the high choices here, I mean, food delivery from a fine-dining restaurant.

The app has been built while keeping the users in mind so, it enables the user to easily navigate through the app and it is easy to use.

Although the delivery fee is higher on Caviar, you can get your food delivered for no cost with DashPass. Technically it’s not like you ain’t paying for the delivery but you are paying less with the membership.

All-in-all it’s a good app for people who love exotic foods.