Yu-Gi-Oh is the number one anime game in Japan and the US. It has countless fans and has generated books movies, TV series, and real-life card games also. Yu-Gi-Oh card game is dependent on the ability of the player to make a deck of cards and defeat the rest of the players. The game has a variety of archetypes, decks, and plans to choose from.

The top 10 fun Yu-Gi-Oh decks are:

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1. Kuriboh

It’s very easy to understand that these decks aren’t available anymore not even remotely. Everyone especially Yu-Gi-Oh deck lovers knows very well that Kuriboh was a little brown ball that was with us for numerous years. To own a deck of Kuriboh and all of its different forms surrounding it was the best thing at its time. Kuribohs are number one monsters, hence layers could make the deadliest combinations to defeat their opponents. All the cards are only light or dark in colour, so to spice up the game, players can mix in some twilight cards also.

2. II. Elemental HERO

Elemental Heroes are powerful specifically hidden or Masked Heroes but this submission’s focal point is purely on cards of the GX-era. Elemental Hero has a number of decks on offer. It majorly is divided into four categories – Monster, Spells, Traps, and Extra. Spells deck and the Extras deck have Masked Heroes. Collecting all these combined monsters is fiercely persuading and the base heroes are brilliant themselves. It is majorly for recollection but all the players can have fun contending with the deck.

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3. Warrior

Warrior furnished decks without any archetypes are actually entertaining because players can witness their warriors demolish the most giant monsters of all time. This deck has multiple archetypes that give the game another level of competitiveness but picking warriors of your own choice along with your choice of equipping spells is another kind of pleasure and warrior deck that this game gives. Players will never get to have a boss of monsters as each warrior is powerful and well-equipped enough to fight their own battle without any command or supervision. The versatile strategies of warriors make them best.

4. Crystal Beast

From their glory days until today, Crystal Beast has always been the most entertaining and attractive archetype from the day they have be established. Publicized by their master card, Crystal Abundance, Crystal Beasts are enjoying to play with and scary to play against them. Even though they are losing their speed behind, they are still today frightening the players playing against them. By bringing all the bygone archetypes and support cards to life, Crystal Beasts are giving its players a tiny ray of hope that they might get to see Crystal Beast sometime soon.

5. Pendulum Magician

In spite of being hit by the golden boy, Astograph Sorceror, the ban-hammer, Pendulum Magician is surprisingly going rock solid. They might not be the hardest deck to use but definitely are the hardest decks to use ever. Players can be overwhelmed seeing the variety of the decks and the cost at the same time. But since it’s one of the hardest to use, it’s big highly recommended to choose a new team. Mass expertise is underlined with Pendulum Magicians. There is a number of varied plans for players to choose from their starting hand. Because of this, Pendulum Magician is a quirkily entertaining archetype to play with and shall stay the same for many more years in the future.

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6. Invoked

Invoked deck is frequently mixed with different archetypes like Mekk Knight, Windwitch, and Spellbook. Invoked decks work on an exclusive combination of spells, Invocation, to gather majestic binding monsters. It consists of Invoked Purgatorio, who collects ATK for each and every card that the opponent is holding. It can attack once per monster, all the opposing monsters and impose shrewd harm to defend position teams. Pure Invoked decks are powerful enough only by themselves, they don’t need other cards to help but just to add extra fun to the game, some players bring in Windwitch and Mekk Knights also. In any way, Aleister the Invoker plays the most critical part because of being able to detach invocation from the player’s deck and because of being the combining material on the invoked deck.

7. Dinosaur

Possibly the prolonged unremembered type until the fresh launch of Structure deck, dinosaurs have always been ruthlessly mysterious but interesting to play with. With a crowd of monster bosses, there is no scarcity of competitors to get on the battlefield. Survival Instincts hold crucial power with the help of which the player can banish dinosaurs from the graveyard and collect life point of life scores of each one of them. Then comes the Tyranno Infinity, which gathers 1000 ATK for every single one of them. The team of Survival Instincts and Tyranno Infinity is the strongest and most enjoyable of all times.

8. Salamangreat Pure

When the Salamangreat archetype was initially launched in the Soul Fusion deck, it wasn’t popular or valued enough. The entire impact of the game changed after the introduction of the Soulburner structure deck, as it brought a variety of cards with it. Merged with already existing Cyberse support, Salamangreats have become the best competitive archetype of its kind. Because most of the base comes from a structure deck, Salamangreat is comparatively very cheap to other rival decks. In order to get to the top of locals, players will have to have another set of hand traps, maybe some with Masked Heroes.

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9. Go Second Sky Striker

It is very similar to Pure Sky Striker. It depends on the standard play style of beating down. If more Hand Traps are added in the game, the player will be prevented from playing Yu-Gi-Oh, particularly when they are combined with the choice of Evenly Matched. Dinowrestler Pankratops can be easily mobilized, the player can stay in the field for a long while to damage the opponent nicely.

10. Burning Abyss

Irrespective of how many times the meta changed, players love Burning Abyss to date for how long it has stuck around. With all the Burning Abyss monsters having powerful damaging, disrupting, recycling, and searching effects. Such dynamism ends up giving them a couple of poor match-ups. A couple of duellists even choose Sekka Light for a side blend. It means the players don’t involve any hand trap or spells apart from Sekka Lights.

Since Yu-Gi-Oh is not as famous in India as in Japan and the US, it’s not so easy to find the game interesting only by reading about it. Get the cards, call over your friends, play with them and be a part of the most amazing card game people are going crazy about on the other side of the sea.