One of the most popular forms of gaming available today is with a mobile device. Players love sitting on the couch and playing with a smartphone or tablet. It’s a convenient way to kill time and have fun. Because millions of people have Android devices, the mobile games provided by the Google Play store are gaining popularity at a rapid rate. 

Are Android games more fun than iOS options? Why do players love Android options so much? Let’s dig in below. 

Free or Low-Cost Gaming 

For starters, Android is a top choice among players due to the free nature of titles or low-cost gaming. Players can easily find games for free or purchase apps for as little as $0.99. The small cost of games is minimal compared to other entertainment types, making Android games a top pick among players. 

Most will start with the free titles and find games they enjoy. Once the freebies are used up, players move on to the lower-cost games for more entertainment options. Android also offers Play Plass, which is a subscription service. Players can pay just $4.99 to access games monthly or go for a yearly subscription. There are over 800 games in Play Pass, so players definitely get their money’s worth. 

Premium Gaming Experience 

Android devices are constructed to provide a form of entertainment, be it online games via mobile browsers or apps. Games are easier to develop on Android, which helps the brand offer more games than its counterpart Apple. 

An app will usually launch on Android before iOS due to the easy ability to construct an app. Even gambling sites fall into this category, as Android caters to slots and table games better than iOS. Online casinos often create apps first on Android and may skip an Apple app just for convenience. 

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Games on Android are simplified and easy to run, with minimal space required, or you can access more complicated and storyline titles. The graphics and sounds are always clear, making it easy for players to enjoy the visual experience when logging in online. 

Console-Style Games 

Android is also known for offering console-style games, which appeal to a broader audience. Mobile devices can feature PlayStation and Xbox games, which brings in the console gamers to mobile devices. Explore classic titles from the 80s or more modern shooter games on your mobile device. App developers know that players want a wide variety of console-style options, and they bring popular titles to life for mobile gaming sessions. 

Mobile app developers are taking cues from console games and developing titles with amazing storylines or bringing major titles to life via mobile. Examples of popular Android games that are also console titles include Final Fantasy VII and Fortnite. 

Easily search Google to see what console games have been converted to mobile so you can play on your smartphone or tablet. You may be surprised at the many options you find! 

On the Go Gaming 

Most players use a mobile device for gaming to be able to play from anywhere. An Android smartphone or tablet will allow you to download an app and play from any location, such as your bed or while shopping. Players love being able to log on at any time to play their favorite game. 

Android devices have good connectivity, allowing players to open a gaming app and play from anywhere, even remote locations. The portability is one major factor as to why players select Android over iOS. Android functions from anywhere, making it easy to play no matter your location. 

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Start Playing Today 

If you have an Android device, get started checking out all the gaming options by reviewing the Google Play Store. You can search for specific titles or find games based on category. If you are an avid gamer, consider purchasing a Play Pass to access 100s of titles for a low monthly fee. You can review Play Pass to see what it offers and decide if the package is right for you. 

Start with free games if you are on a budget, and figure out the game type you enjoy best. You can then find similar games to play on your Android for even more entertainment options.