Windows Explorer Alternatives

Windows Explorer Alternatives: Every time you move a file from one drive to another, open any file you have transferred or downloaded or even discard any file, you will have to open file explorer. The default file manager for Windows users is Windows Explorer. One of the drawbacks of still using Windows Explorer is the lack of tabbed browsing. With changing time and advancing technology, you should stay up-to-date in every aspect of the gadgets you own.

10 Best Windows Explorer Alternatives

If you are bored of the old style Windows Explorer, we have personally picked some of the best Windows Explorer alternatives available on the internet. Give it a read:

1. XYplorer

Till date, XYplorer is one of the most famous Windows Explorer available on the internet. It can perform all the functions that the default Windows Explorer can. Apart from that, it has some added features that might surprise you. One of the best things about XYplorer is that it is portable i.e., the user doesn’t need to install it. It can be transferred from one computer to another without installation. Just connect your external storage device or flash drive, transfer the application, connect the drive to another computer and transfer the application from drive to that computer.

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2. fman

If you are always in a rush or only use keyboard shortcuts for all the operations, fman is your application. It runs on the dual-pane interface, similar to old Norton commander program; designed highly simple and time-saving for the user. On opening one or several folders multiple times, the application remembers your preferences and creates a shortcut of most used folders for you so that every time you open the application, you can easily go to your recently opened folder(s).


3. Directory Opus

If you are a power user and want every possible functionality in your system then this is the right application for you. As compared to XYplorer, Directory Opus is slightly similar to XYplorer but at the same time, it has better and updated features and purposes. Users get tabbed interface n Directory Opus for easier and better navigation to folders and files.


4. Free Commander

It is the latest alternative of Windows Explorer and as the name suggests, it is free of cost. It might not be as updates as XYplorer or Directory Opus but it surely offers more functions than the default Windows Explorer. Free Commander offers the users a free-built-in .zip file supporting system and it also lets users access formats like .7z or .rar.


5. Explorer++

Explorer++ is truly an amazing alternative to Windows Explorer and it offers a lot of beneficial functionalities. The application is free to use like Free Commander also it does not pops-up annoying and disturbing advertisements. The best thing about Explorer++ is that its user interface is similar to the default Windows Explorer which makes the application very easy for the user to understand and operate. Though it is a simple application it has a lot of functionalities to offer which cannot be easily found in any other explorer.

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6. TagSpaces

TagSpaces is a non-proprietary software which lets users arrange and move files from one folder to another without installing the application. As the name suggests, the software puts up tags on every folder user save on the software. Not only this, but users can assign different colors to different folders which makes finding folders easier for the user. The best thing about TagSpaces is that it runs on almost all the platforms like Windows, Android, and iOS. Apart from that, it works smoothly on Chromecast as well.


7. MultiCommander

Probably the most popular and preferred to use the software is MultiCommander. It can perform all the functionalities that an above the average line explorer can. Just like Explorer++, MultiCommander can be used without installing and has a tabbing function also for users’ ease. Though the software is a little bit crowded, there are a lot of buttons and gizmos in it. For someone who uses explorer a lot and can manage the overfilled interface, MultiCommander is the biggest relief for them.


8. Q-Dir

Q-Dir stands for Quad Directory Explorer. It can perform all the basic and advanced functions like tabbing, favorite’s folder creation, color tagging, and portability. Apart from that, it has a few special functions like it creates small footprints, tree branch-like structure for easier direction and supports many languages. The different types of configuration panes the software offers is addictive for explorer lovers.


9. OneCommander

If a user is in search of an absolutely different explorer then OneCommander is the search to their end. It is restricted only to the Windows platform. It works amazingly smooth on Windows 10 but below that, it requires the .NET 4.6 framework. It can be directly downloaded from Windows store itself. As soon as the user installs and runs the software, they will be surprised to see the unique user interface OneCommander offers, completely different from default or any other alternative Windows Explore available on the internet. The user interface works in a flow from left drill-downing to right in a tree-style manner. Users can change the flow at any branch of the tree.

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10. Clover

If a user is a tab function fan, the Clover is meant for them. Clover is not a total substitution for Windows Explorer, rather it’s cherry on the top that converts a Windows Explorer into Windows Browser. It can also work with the popular browser shortcuts like Cntrl+Tab for changing between tabs, Cntrl+T for new tab and Cntrl+W to close any currently opened tab. The default language of the software is Chinese but it can be changed into English by just a few clicks.


Upgrading from old soul Windows Explorer to an alternative-advanced Windows Explorer can be a little confusing for some people but once you understand the new system, you will love it more than ever. Try one of the above-suggested software today and thank us later!